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That Post-Grad Life

I realize it’s been two years since my last post, but I’m not going to dwell on that, otherwise this blog would consist almost entirely of me making the case for why I haven’t written, and swearing to do better in the future. I swear nothing. What I will say is this: now that I have finally finished school and have that sweet M.A. in my grasp (not really, it hasn’t arrived in the mail yet), I am starting to realize that maintaining an active writerly presence might come in handy when applying for jobs. So here we are.

It has been almost four weeks since I officially finished school, and in that time I have been VERY BUSY. Doing what, you ask? Well, my house is finally clean, which honestly feels a little bizarre and I’m not sure I like it…the dust and clutter were somehow comforting; I started reading the Harry Potter series, which truly was a necessary move as I think I was the only one who hadn’t read it yet, and I was feeling like a bit of a social outcast; I am up to date on all my Netflix and Hulu shows, and even picked up a few extras in the process; and lastly, and most importantly, I researched my way into naturally curing (using this!) this stupid UTI that decided to show up last week. See? VERY BUSY. But now that everything is basically done and I’ve resorted to cycling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep me occupied while the kids are at school, I decided to dip just the very tippy tip of my toes into the find-a-job-waters, and let me tell you, that shit is rough. Take today, for example: I spent an hour skimming through jobs, looking for the best of the best in remote writing or editing positions. After I found a couple that seemed equipped to handle me, I have spent the last five hours fine-tuning my resume and producing unique, personalized, and entirely kick-ass cover letters for each job. Looking for a job is a job in and of itself, and I am BEAT. I am just thankful I have beer in the fridge because I don’t think I could muster up the energy to drive the .00001 miles to the liquor store around the corner, and this is definitely a NEEDS BEER situation.

A lot of people (everyone) has been asking me lately what my plans are now that I am done with school. My response has generally been to do exactly what I have been doing. Nothing. Originally, I had intended on waiting until after we got through this epic and annoyingly busy summer before I began the long and laborious task of job hunting. I kind of assumed that I would look for an actual live and in person job, the kind where I need to dress very unlike myself and surround myself with grown-ups and have a business card. But then I stumbled upon a rad job with a company I love seeking remote editors, and realized that what I really want to do is exactly what I am doing right now. Sitting on my bed with my laptop on the top of my lap (a little on the nose there, laptop industry), writing entertaining and useful information about things that interest me and my peers. Or possibly editing entertaining and useful information about things that interest me and my peers. Either one. As long as I am wrestling with words while wearing a robe, I am happy.

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  1. "wrestling with words while wearing a robe" sounds like a perfect career goal!! this was a nice insight into your post grad mind … thanks for sharing! glad to read your words again 🙂

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