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Category: Reviews

Melissa Babasin…you rock!

So recently I had the pleasure of taking the kids to get some fabulous pictures taken by the lovely and talented Melissa Babasin. This particular session was quite unique. The special she was running was called the “10 for 10.” What this entails is a 10 minute casual photo session of your child; this time it was at a beautiful park in Rocklin, CA. For $10, you get the 10 minute shoot, all the pics on a CD, plus she does a little editing. I have 2 kids, therefore 20 do the math. That is a screaming deal! And…


gDiapers Review!

I wanted to wait until I have used the gDiapers for a couple days before writing a review…but I love them just as much now as I did when they arrived!First of all, they are so cute! Cute baby Kendi rockin’ her gDiaps! Aside from being very stylish, they also work great. gDiapers are a hybrid diaper; which means you can use a cloth insert, called a gCloth, or a disposable/flushable biodegradable insert, called a gRefill. I have chosen to use mainly cloth inserts, as the reason I wanted these diapers in the first place was to save some money.…