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Category: Parenting

Some Small Victories in the Epic Battle of the Picky Eater

As the end of the school year approached, two glorious school-free months shining brightly on the horizon, I informed my son that this summer we would be working diligently on getting him to try—and more importantly, like—some new foods. Anyone who knows my son knows this endeavor is not for the faint of heart. You see, my son is Autistic, and although he is on what some refer to as the “high functioning” end of the spectrum, when it comes to his food, high functioning he most certainly is not. I admit that we have not given the food thing…


Cru’s 20 Questions Interview-Age 3

So I saw this great idea on Pinterest where you interview your child at every birthday starting at age 3 and going until you want to stop; I’m thinking 18 would be a good time to stop this. Starting at age 3 was pretty interesting, as Cru pretty much had no idea what I was talking about. It will be fun to see how different his answers are next year when he comprehends things more (hopefully). Here are the results:   1.       What is your favorite color?         Cake   2.      Who is your best friend?         Cake   3.     …


Dang it’s quiet

My mom took the kids so I could have a debauchery filled Halloween weekend. I just wanted to take the time to gloat to all of you that I have no kids. Sorry this post isn’t longer, but I am probably currently either: Painting my nails Watching rated “R” television or movies Reading a book Spending some quality “time” with my husband Dyeing my hair Shopping without a stroller/goldfish/blankie/or Gameboy Running around naked Showering alone Listening to really loud music Cursing at my dogs And drinking myself into oblivion How do you play when the kids are away??